Mix n match

Today was a busy one… 

Brits abroad are considered loutish and lording by a certain type of well-established fish and chip wrapped, but in post-colonial Indian museums, there’s a place for perspective.

The Red Fort Delhi, home to emperors and foreign dignitaries used to see fair maidens throwing roses down to the VIPs below. One has to assume that’s stopped as it didn’t happen today.

The layout was a lesson in extravagance and the architecture a lesson in culture. Each building encompasses different religions and current and ancient kingdoms. The below could be described as Indian-Chinese with Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim trimmings. A royal palace and royal baths complete with elephant stable.  

During British rule it was office space. Make of that what you will…

There was even time for a bit of expert signage…

Playing lunchtime host with a range kebabs, curries and flatbreads to shame most UK city centres on a Saturday at 3.00am was Karims. But this was no ordinary show, this was the best variation, veg and non-veg Delhi-based, family-owned, home-cooked eatery in the under 5-star category in 1998. Said the plaque. The food was exceptional- mutton and saag and the bumbling service was good fun, with no one seeming to know what was going on. 

After lunch, the small matter of the Gandhi museum, preaching tolerance, cross cultural understanding and pan-religious respect. Made sense after the morning. Also complete with the robe he was assassinated in and even one of the bullets!

After coming out of the museum- around 15 minutes away- a group pounced, taking pictures and taking a keen interest in one man in particular. This man chatted and snapped photos to the joy of the crowd. It turned out to be a candidate in the Gandhi sympathetic INC party! A rather fitting end to the day, one feels…
Anyway, I have to dash, some guy promised me he’d give me an evening class: Electronics 101. Tonight we’re wiring a plug. Hoping to progress to this…


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